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Heavily under construction...

Campsite rules:
  • Bring your own food. We have may have something "sponsored" but don't count on it for sustenance.
  • Come prepared to camp. Even though there's a kitchen, electricity etc, it's not our goal to camp inside the cabin queuing up for the microwave.
  • If you want to use the boats, bring a lifevest.
  • Avoid glass containers. Beer is sold in cans also.
  • Respect other people's appreciation of nature & sleep

The blindingly obvious:
  • You break it, you bought it. Any damages will be claimed from the parties responsible.
  • If you are violent, abusive or intolerable when you become drunk, don't.
  • Don't bring dangerous eq like firearms, hunting bows, fireworks etc.
  • Leave MUD-feuds at home and take common sense with you.