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The Leiri-site

LeiriCon 2010 is at KÄRPPÄJÄRVI, in the lake district of Finland, between Tampere and Jyväskylä near the village of Kuhmoinen. So centrally located in the middle of nowhere!

The site offers much more amenities and creature comforts than really required, but being so late to organize this we had to pick something still available that works for a bigger crowd, is reasonably located (i.e. not in Lapland) and offers some accomodation for people who don't have tents (or don't know how to use them).

So, let us present The Site!

Main facilities:
  • Large cabin with cooking facilities including running hot water & microwave(!)
  • Sauna building (no showers) + lake
  • Bunk beds for 15 people + room for tents
  • Outdoor toilets

Other stuff to do on-site:
  • 5 boats for fishing (permits required) or on-the-water chilling
  • Easily navigated path around the lake
  • Fireplaces inside, campfire site outside
  • See Activities 

Pictures stolen from Metsähallitus website.

Complete information from the Metsähallitus website on the cabin & surroundings here (in English!).